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Nipple Covers

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Nipples cover Gave Me the Freedom to Wear Any Top

Nipple Covers for Women - great for sensitive skin no sticky boobs lol., our silicone pasties can be used discreetly to hide your nipples and go nipples under strapless and backless sheer dresses, t-shirts, sports bras cover for swimwear.

All New Discreet - better than an invisible bra these Nip Covers have an ultra-thin no-show design with their 2022 silicone breast nipple covers redesign. This sticky nipple cover (not too sticky) is round, soft, flexible, lightweight, and has tapered edges to blend seamlessly without bulk or edging.

For Any Outfit - these bra petals are designed and developed for Women by Women. Not a stick-on bra but super discreet pasties. Our attention to detail and quality are exhibited in everything we do and are backed by our 100% commitment.

1. Ultra-Thin Lightweight Design!

Better than an invisible bra these Nip Covers have an ultra-thin no-show design with their 2022 silicone breast nipple covers redesign. Thes are round, soft, flexible, lightweight has tapered edges to blend seamlessly without bulk or edging.

2. Up to 8 Hours Use / Wash & Reuse Up to 30 Times!

Our reusable pasties are long-lasting for up to 8 hours per use. Wash and reuse up to 30 times.

3. Wear GoNipless with ANY Clothing!

Made for any outfit. You can Go Nipless with these bra petals that are designed and developed for Women by Women.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jamie Berrios
Doesn’t adhere as well as previous order

I’ve purchased this product before and it was a game changer. As someone who is small-chested and can get away without wearing a bra, I still prefer to cover the “weather detectors.” Lol.

No bra needed!

The idea that all you need to do to stop your nipples from showing is to wear these, it’s great! Covers roughly 3” around. Very soft. Stays on thru all sports, heat, cold, and even in the water! This is my new bra! I forget I’m wearing them. When I take my shower before bed, I realize they’re on in the shower . Not once coming off. The case they come in has 2 plastic shaped semi cones that I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to put them on when you take them off.
It’s their nesting place. The best part is that they don’t plump up like the smaller ones in diameter, then you can see them through some clothing. These GO NIPPLESS are thin on the edges and just a hint thicker where it’s supposed to cover your nipples!

Works Great

These worked very well. They are bigger than usual so no one is going to think they are your nipples if they even show through. They are very comfortable and work for most fabrics of clothing. You will not feel anything on.

Dianna M.
Works well

Let me start off by saying I've had a breast reduction, so if I tried these when I was naturally bigger, I don't know how I would feel about it. But, I hate wearing a bra. In the house, I never wear one. And there are a few dresses and tops that I've had, and have thought, it would be nice to have nipple pasties. I decided to try these and they work great. I've worn them with dresses and a few off shoulder tops. And I feel comfortable in them. I feel like "the girls" do look a little bouncy with off shoulder tops, but I don't really mind because you can't see my nipples so you know I at least have something on. Overall, I'm glad I tried these to have the option in my closet when an outfit arises that I need them

Mrs. Walsh
These are what I’ve been looking for!!

I bought 2 different types of nipple coverings. One pair you could clearly see the outline as it looked “puffy” and unnaturally shaped. The other pair was a paisley shape cut out and you could see the “paisley” shape outline under a white shirt with a thin bra on so I returned both!!! I came across these ones and read the reviews and they sounded promising. We’ll. . . these are exactly what I’ve been looking for! You can not see them (or nipples) under a white shirt even while wearing my thinnest bra!!! I put one on and took a pic so you can compare the difference! I will be buying more of these as I only got 1 pair to see if I liked them. I certainly do, great product!!! Especially if you want to be more discreet through your shirts without a thick, padded bra on! I highly recommend these.